Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wentworth Suite - Mount Murray - Chair Covers

I am holding my wedding reception at teh Mount Murray - Wentworth Suite.

The chairs in that room have arms on and whilst not all that bad, need something to "spruse" them up a bit.

Most companies don't have covers to fit the whole of the chairs, but to be honest I think that would make them look a bit like chairs from and Old Peoples Home?? (no offence to chairs in old peoples homes, or old people!!)

So I came up with a solution. The picture attached I think changes the chairs and they look stunning, elegant and of course we are offering them at affordable prices!! £1.50 for the cover and sash!!

What do you think?

Kat xxx

Saturday 13 February 2010

I was asked by a lovely lady Angie Tasker to "do something" in the room in which she was holding her 40th Birthday celebrations.

It was at the Old Friends Club in Douglas, and whilst they had recently given it a lick of paint, it was feeling sorry for itself to say the least!!!!

Well i managed to pull it off and the room looked fab, and Angie was very pleased with it. Even though I wasn't feeling very well that day, I still enjoyed it.

Pictures to follow.

Kat xxx

Villa Marina

On the 23rd January I was asked to supply chair covers for the Isle of Man Synphonic Orchestra's Gold & Silver Ball which was being held at the VILLA MARINA!!!!!

It went very well and they were pleased with how they turned out. I had my lovely friend Stacey helping me, and whilst it took us just over 2 hours to put all 100 covers and bows on, it served for a good learning experience, and at least now we know how much time we need to put aside for further events.

Here is a picture of one of the tables, with the covers. I was actually quite proud of myself once it was all done :)

Kat xxx

I've been busy

Well it seems that K Events is taking off.

I have been busy the last couple of weeks sorting out my new office at the house. It has all my K Events bits and pieces in, and is set up so I can meet clients from there.

I know have 3 clients for July 2010 Vicki & her fiance, Nick & Clair and Lisa & George and 1 for August 2010, Ashley & her fiance. I am looking forward to doing their rooms as they all want something different!

I also have a couple of bookings for 2011 already! My lovely friends Heather & David and Bekki & Tristan have asked me to help them. I am also meeting another lady this lunchtime for her July 2011 wedding!

I will keep you posted of the delvopments as they arise, and of course pictures to follow.......