Friday, October 30, 2009

Living on the Isle of Man and running my business

I have found it difficult of late sourcing items for my customers which is good quality but low in price. I have now found a good website which can provide me with this, but postage is a problem, living on and Island where they seem to hike up the price because we live in the middle of the sea. Sometimes very unfair.

I suppose I am lucky where I can get my items delivered to my in laws on the mainland, but obviously I won't be able to get straight away as we don't get over enough as we like! Again another pricing issue.

Again another disadvantage is the lack of bigger shops where I could get my items from. Again something I can do when I go to the UK, but not always possible.

I find ebay a god send, along with my new contact of this website and I can always find what my customers want. However I do find it frustrating living on such a small Island.


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